Stay ahead of the current trends in the ad-filtering landscape, including research on users and their attitudes toward online advertising, expert insights and a look into the future of ad filtering.

In this report:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of ad filtering, the growth of users on desktop ad blockers, cost of ad blocking and its impact on the industry
  • Get insights on user sentiment and preferences on online advertising
  • Learn from industry thought leaders on machine learning, sustainability and privacy.

Key takeaways:

By Q2 2023, there were 912M active ad-blocking users worldwide, up 11% from Q4 2021
Acceptable Ads (ad-filtering) users crossed the 300M mark in 2023, up 42% from 216M in Q4 2021
In 2024, ad blocking is expected to cost publishers $54bn in lost advertising revenue, which is ~8% of the total projected global digital ad spend of $695bn (eMarketer)
77% of surveyed mobile ad-filtering users view companies that take action on sustainability in a positive light, further, 42% view filtering ads as an action that reduces their online carbon footprint

(Previously known as the PageFair Adblock Report)